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[German, from zwischen, intermediate + zug, move

Literally an "in-between move". A move in a tactical sequence is called a zwischenzug* when it does not relate directly to the tactical motif in operation. |source|

image copyright TWIC

From this position, black played a zwischenzug: 19…d5
(Linares 2002, 1-0)


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David Rowland studies philosophy at the University of Illinois - Urbana / Champaign, where he's an active member of the Graduate Employees Organization. He used to play a lot of chess, but wasn't all that good. He has a blog. And email.



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Saturday, January 31, 2004


A great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks

From time to time I reread Tom Rainbow's Mad Scientist's Primer and dream of what could have been. If only I had been a little more diligent in my studies, and a little crazier, world conquest might be within my grasp. Secret Tesla technologies and suppressed Orgone research would inform my work as I built a facility surpassing even HAARP. Mighty earthquakes would dance at my command and the nations of the world would kneel at my feet! "BWAH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH! Bring me twinkies," I would say, "and other pleasing snack cakes!"

Though I have accepted that this is not to be, I am gripped by a profound despair when I think of what might have been. In such moments, my only solace has been the sure knowledge that my government has committed itself to the development of earthquake weaponry. Since I fully expect to be President one day, the government's development of these technologies promises to restore to me the twinkies and other pleasing snack cakes which are my right.

So I am understandably upset by reports like this one. The main news is positive. Researchers working under a grant from the National Science Foundation have discovered that when quartz-rich rocks abrade against one another during earthquake-like conditions their breakdown produces a mineral gel. The presence of this gel reduces friction and can significantly increase the energy released by seismic activities.

Obviously, this research has important ramifications for the development of effective earthquake weaponry.

And yet, our government is sleeping at the switch. Rather than provide these ground-breaking researchers with the funding and support appropriate for their work, the National Science Foundation forces them to conduct their research on a shoe-string budget. According to the press release, "Future experiments will take advantage of a salvaged 100-horsepower BMW motorcycle engine."


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